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Why divorced parents need to figure out a transportation plan

| Sep 29, 2020 | Family Law |

Once a couple in Texas has finalized the visitation rights, their next step should be figuring out a visitation plan. Both parents will have to figure out how to transport the child back and forth for visits. In more extreme cases, they might have to decide how to pay the travel costs. Whatever they decide, it’s important for both parents to adhere to the plan so that they can’t be accused of refusing to let their child see the other parent.

What are the components of a transportation plan?

If the other parent doesn’t live far away, it might be as simple as one parent picking up the child and dropping them off when they’re done. However, if a parent lives several cities or states away, the plan can get more complicated. The parents will have to figure out who pays for gas money, bus fare or airline tickets.

Additionally, some parents might take these brief moments of contact as a way to initiate conflict. If the other parent doesn’t feel safe in these situations, they might wish to figure out a neutral drop-off location. They might want to speak to an attorney experienced in family law to find the right location.

If one of the parents refuses to make transportation arrangements, the other parent will simply have to figure it out without them. Otherwise, they might be accused of not letting the child see their other parent.

How can parents get assistance with child custody issues?

A divorced parent dealing with child custody disputes might be interested in speaking with an attorney. The attorney might be able to handle a broad range of issues, including child custody, visitation rights, child support and more. They might be able to negotiate with the other party to figure out an agreement.